Seating Arrangement – 2

Directions : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions based on the seating arrangement given below it.

A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H are sitting around a circular table facing the center.A sits third to left of C and second to the right of E. B sits second to the right of D, who is not an immediate neighbor of E.H sits second to the left of F. G is not an immediate neighbor of D.

Q1.Which of the following pairs has only one person sitting between them,if the counting is done in clockwise direction.

  1. F,G
  2. H,G
  3. H,C
  4. C,H
  5. H,B

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H,G ( see solution image below )

Q2.Who sits third to the right of E ?

  1. D
  2. G
  3. F
  4. B
  5. A

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F ( see solution image below )

Q3.What is the position of G with respect to A’s position ?

  1. Immediate to the right
  2. Second to the left
  3. Third to the left
  4. Second to the right
  5. Fourth to the right

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Third to the left ( see solution image below )

Q4.Who sits between E and A ?

  1. F
  2. D
  3. G
  4. B
  5. H

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H ( see solution image below )

Q5.Starting from A’s position, if all the eight are arranged in alphabetical order in clock wise directions, the seating position of how many members ( excluding A ) would remain unchanged ?

  1. None
  2. One
  3. Two
  4. Three
  5. Four

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Solution :

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