Seating Arrangement – 1

Instructions : Study the information on seating arrangement and answer the questions below it.

Eight friends A, B,C, D, E ,F , G AND H are sitting around a circle facing the center. E is the third to the left of G, who is on the immediate right of B, who is third to the left of A. H is second to the right of F, who is not an immediate neighbor of E. D is not the immediate neighbor of B.

Q1.Who is second to the right of B ?

  1. F
  2. A
  3. H
  4. D
  5. None of the above

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“H” is second to the right of B.

Q2.Which of the following pairs has the first person on the immediate left of the second person ?

  1. GB
  2. AF
  3. CE
  4. HD
  5. BC

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“HD” is the correct pair.

Q3.Which of the following is the correct position of B with respect to D ?

  1. Second to the right
  2. Second to the left
  3. Third to the right
  4. Third to the left
  5. Fourth to the left

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B is “Third to the right” of D

Q4.Who sits between A and D ?

  1. F
  2. E
  3. G
  4. B
  5. H

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H sits between A and D.

Q5.What is E’s position with respect to C ?

  1. Immediate Right
  2. Immediate Left
  3. Second to the Right
  4. Second to the Left
  5. Third to the Left

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E sits “Immediate Left” of C

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