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Indian PolityIndian Polity has a very important place in the preparation for State Public Service Commission, or UPSC exams or for that matter any Government job in India.

Preparing for Indian Polity requires a very good understanding of India’s Law Book. As you are not preparing for becoming a lawyer but for a job in the government, One needs to be aware of the laws which govern the country and the basic rights which citizens have.

I found this YouTube playlist which I think would help aspirants in their preparation for the exams.

Playlist includes the below lectures

  1. Political History and Making of Constitution
  2. Difference b/w Written and Unwritten Constitutions
  3. Kinds of Majority under Indian Constitution
  4. Constituent Assembly-Important Personalities
  5. Constitution: Salient Features,Sources and Constitutionalism
  6. Preamble to Indian Constitution
  7. Union and its Territories
  8. Citizenship with Fantastic Fundas
  9. Fundamental Rights [I] Introduction
  10. Fundamental Rights [II] Article 12 and 13
  11. Fundamental Rights [III] Article 14
  12. Fundamental Rights [IV] Article 15 and 16
  13. Fundamental Rights [V] Article 17 and 18
  14. Fundamental Rights [VI] Article 19
  15. Fundamental Rights [VII] Article 20,21,22,23,24
  16. Fundamental Rights [VIII] Article 25,26,27,28,29,30
  17. Fundamental Rights [IX] Article 31
  18. Fundamental Rights [X] Article 32,33,34,35
  19. Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP) Art 36-51
  20. Fundamental Duties [Article 51A]
  21. Union Executive: President [I]
  22. Union Executive: President [II]
  23. Union Executive: President [III]
  24. Union Executive: Vice-President
  25. Union Exec:Attorney General and Comptroller Auditor General

Do share any such playlists you find with us to share with the aspirants across the country.


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