USA F1 Visa Experience Oct-Nov 08 @ Chennai

24th October

me: gud moring
vo: gud morning how r u doing
vo: show ur gre TOEFL score reports
me: showed
vo: show ur engineering certificate( provisional)
me: showed
vo: whts u r specialization
me: power systems
vo: r they any research work beeing done in ur specialization?
me: yes
vo: mention them
me: said
vo : whts ur UG project
me: told gps
vo: whts ur parents
me: told
vo: ur visa is granted

5th November

VO: hi……
ME: Goodmorning sir,
VO: Nice HairStyle
ME: thnx for d compliment
VO: so why university of texas??
ME: spoke some Brownie points of UTA and VO stopped me in between…
VO: and which course u r applying to ?
ME: Masters In Industrial Engineering..
VO: so u know subjects well, have u studied before??
ME: IN my Bachelors study in Mechanical Engg at MSUniversity of XXX, i have studied some part of it.
VO: what is Linear programming?? ( i never expected this kinda question as it sounded like a Technical Interview round and i always get baffled in such ques..)
ME: Managed situation and spoke a bit wid patches of half true and half specific terms..
VO: what is Optimization?
ME: again answered
VO: so who will fund yr education/??
ME: My parents, HE looked satisfied and asked nothing further about finance.
VO: have a good Luck in XXX.. .. this is yr i 20 and u will need it while going to US. 

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