IAS Mains Civil Services (Main) Examinations General Studies Chapter Wise Solved Papers 1997 – 2013

With the UPSC Prelims completed on the Aug 24, 2014. The next step towards your dream job is the the Mains Examination. This examination is aimed more towards testing the articulation and description capabilities across a wide rage of topics.

If you are confident of clearing the prelims this year then waste no time and start Practicing the previous question papers. You might be wondering why I’m saying to practice from UPSC Civils Mains questions from previous years, this is to get you thinking about how you are able to articulate UPSC level questions.

The market is/are/will be flooded with photocopies of practice papers from various institute which can also be a good source for practicing as they might test you with the questions addressing the current topics.

All in all practicing the previous papers does help you in honing your skills with respect to Writing.

If you have just started preparing for the next year UPSC exam then previous question papers are a good source to test your level with UPSC level questions along side preparing for the Prelims as apart from the CSAT – Quantitative and Reasoning questions all other topics are useful for both Prelims and Mains.

Here are 2 book you can consider for your UPSC Preparation

UPSC Civils Prelims - Previous Solved Papers

Both the books consist of topic wise questions from previous years and with solutions

According to the Syllabus Mains Examination Consists of the following paper :

The written examination will consist of the following papers:

Qualifying Papers:

Paper ? A – 300 Marks
(One of the Indian Language to be selected by the
candidate from the Languages included in the Eighth
Schedule to the Constitution).

Paper ? B

English 300 Marks

Note : Papers to be counted for merit. Note : Candidates have to score minimum marks ( set by UPSC ).

Paper-I  – Essay  250 Marks

Check out the list of Essay Asked in Previous Years IAS Mains Papers.


General Studies – I 250 Marks
Topics – Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the World and Society

General Studies – II 250 Marks
Topics – Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International relations

General Studies –III 250 Marks
Topics – Technology, Economic Development, Bio-diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management

General Studies –IV 250 Marks
Topics – Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude


Optional Subject –

Candidates can choose only one optional instead of two, and there will be two papers from a single optional (Paper VI and Paper VII); Also only students who have graduated with language as a major subject can chose that language  literature as their optional. i.e., people with BE, MBBS or B.Sc., BA (History) can not opt for English/Kannada/Tamil/Telugu or any other language as their optional for mains)

Optional Subject – Paper 1 – 250 Marks


Optional Subject – Paper 2  – 250 Marks

Sub Total (Written test) 1750 Marks

For More Details checkout the notification UPSC 2014 – Notification. 

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