TOEFL : What & Who Needs To Give This Exam

ETS_TOEFL_logo TOEFL : Test Of English As Foreign Language, measures how well you read, listen, speak and write in English and use these skills together in the university classroom, and requires you to combine 2 or more of these skills to respond to a question.Your eligibility for admission into university or college around the world requires you to give this exam, even if your native language is English.

Check out the list of colleges that accept TOEFL scores here.

TOEFL has a maximum score of 120 and the score is valid for 2 Years.

Structure Of TOEFL :

Section Description Testing Time Questions Score Scale
Reading 3-5 passages from academic texts; approximately 700 words long; 12-14 questions per passage. 60-100 minutes 36-70 questions 0-30
Listening 4-6 lectures, some with classroom discussion; each 3-5 minutes long; 6 questions each. 2-3 conversations; each 3 minutes long; 5 questions each. 60-90 minutes 34-51 questions 0-30
Break 10 minutes
Speaking 2 tasks to express an opinion on a familiar topic; 4 tasks to speak based on what is read and listened to. 20 minutes 6 tasks 0-4 points converted to 0-30 score scale
Writing 1 task to write based on what is read and listened to; 1 task to support an opinion on a topic. 50 minutes 2 tasks 0-5 points converted to 0-30 score scale
Total score 0-120


The cost for the exam is $ ~170 and varies from country to country.

Online registration is the easiest method. Registration is available 3-4 months before the test date and can be done by phone

Check out the Step-By-Step Guide for registering for the test online here.

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