Spring 2008, Visa Experiences

VO: Good Morning Sir,
ME: Very Good Morning Sir,
And he was scanning my HDFC code and asked me to keep my left hand middle finger on a scanner. And then opened that blue folder which contains GRE, TOEFL, PROVISIONAL, DS FORMS, i20 and passport.
VO: why this University?
ME: The Course curriculum of Electrical Engineering Department is quite comprehensive. It’s offering courses like Structured VLSI Designing, Communication Networking and Digital Image Processing which are very close to my Interests. And from the information I gathered from the seniors who are studying there, I understood that both the professors and the lab facilities are very good, which really urged me to apply for that University.
He was seriously seeing my GRE, TOEFL and Provisional and seeing my Second Class in my provisional, he asked me,
VO: Any Backlogs.
Me: unfortunately I have 12 backlogs sir,
VO with a wild expression raised his eyebrows. Then I said,
ME: Sir, almost all of my backlogs were in my 2nd year, the main reason is I got carried away by the good results I got in my first year so, I joined a couple of co-curricula’s and played games for my college so, I got a pretty bad results in my 2nd year after that, I worked hard and with the help of my professors , and gained a lot of confidence and improved my results semester by semester… u can clearly see that in my final year results where I scored more than 80% and I have a good knowledge about the subjects I am going to take.
VO: give me your transcripts.
ME: I gave him.
VO: what’s your percentage sir?
ME: 7.25 GPA Sir, which is equal to 70.6% sir,
VO: What are the courses u are planning to take?
ME: Structured VLSI Designing, Communication Networking and Digital Image Processing
VO: How are going to manage your funds?
ME: My Father will be sponsoring me.
VO: What’s your father doing?
ME: He is a business man sir, and we have an annual income of XX lakhs sir. And I also have enough liquid…
He stopped me in between and said the golden words, UR VISA is ISSUED sir. 

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