UPSC Releases – Sample Question Paper For Paper V – Ethics Integrity and Aptitude – Introduced From CSMains 2013

Civils Mains - Paper 5
GS Paper 5 – Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude

UPSC introduced a new set of papers for Civils Services Mains 2013 and one among the newly introduced paper is the Paper V – GS – IV – Ethics Integrity and Aptitude. Aspirants were till date confused as to what kind of questions could be asked there are no previous papers to refer to for preparation. To clear the confusion for aspirants UPSC has released a sample question paper for Paper V – Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude.

Paper V – Syllabus as mentioned in the Prelims Notification – 2013.

This paper will include questions to test the candidates’ attitude and approach to issues relating to integrity, probity in public life and his problem solving approach to various issues and conflicts faced by him in dealing with society. Questions may utilize the case study approach to determine these aspects.

The following broad areas will be covered.

  • Ethics and Human Interface: Essence, determinants and consequences of Ethics in human actions; dimensions of ethics; ethics in private and public relationships. Human Values – lessons from the lives and teachings of great leaders, reformers and administrators; role of family, society and educational institutions in inculcating values.
  • Attitude: content, structure, function; its influence and relation with thought and behaviour; moral and political attitudes; social influence and persuasion.
  • Aptitude and foundational values for Civil Service , integrity, impartiality and non-partisanship, objectivity, dedication to public service, empathy, tolerance and compassion towards the weaker sections.
  • Emotional intelligence-concepts, and their utilities and application in administration and governance.
  • Contributions of moral thinkers and philosophers from India and world.
  • Public/Civil service values and Ethics in Public administration: Status and problems; ethical concerns and dilemmas in government and private institutions; laws, rules, regulations and conscience as sources of ethical guidance; accountability and ethical governance; strengthening of ethical and moral values in governance; ethical issues in international relations and funding; corporate governance.
  • Probity in Governance: Concept of public service; Philosophical basis of governance and probity; Information sharing and transparency in government, Right to Information, Codes of Ethics, Codes of Conduct, Citizen’s Charters, Work culture, Quality of service delivery, Utilization of public funds, challenges of corruption.
  • Case Studies on above issues.



Candidates may please note that the sample questions below are indicative but not exhaustive. The range and depth of questions that would be asked may differ.

What do you understand by ‘ Ethical Human Conduct’? In what way is it important to be ethical along with being professionally competent?


What do you understand by the following terms ? Point out their specific relevance in public service;

  • Intellectual integrity
  • Empathy
  • Perseverance
  • Spirit of service
  • Commitment

Indicate two more attributes which you consider very important for public servants. Justify your answer.


Which great Indian personality has inspired you the most as a role model and how have you been able to benefit in your own life by such an inspiration ?


You have been working with your team for almost a year. One of your subordinates Mr. A is very effective and hard working, he takes responsibility and gets things done. However, you have heard that Mr. A makes loose comments about women. Mrs X who is working under A, comes to you, she is visibly disturbed. She tells you that Mr. A has been making undue advances towards her and has even asked her to go out for dinner with him. She wants to give a written complaint seeking action against Mr. A. what would you do and why ?


You have grown up with X, who has been your best friend since childhood. You have shared your joys and sorrows and have been each other`s confidante. Both of you are in your final year graduation and writing your final exams. In the exam you notice that your friend is copying and cheating a lot. What would you do and why?


You are posted as the Medical Superintendent of a District level Government Hospital which caters to the need of poor patients from surrounding rural areas along with the local people from the district town. As such the hospital has very good infrastructure and adequate equipment to cater to this need. It also receives sufficient funds to meet the recurring expenditure. Inspite of this there have been repeated complaints particularly from the patients which include the following

  1. Very poor maintenance and un-hygienic conditions in hospital premises.
  2. The hospital staff frequently demanding bribes from the patients for the services rendered.
  3. The negligent attitude of the Doctors resulting in times of casualties.
  4. Siphoning of a substantial stock of medicine by the staff and selling it out.
  5. Strong nexus between the senior Doctors of the hospital and the owners of local private nursing homes and testing labs as a result of which the patients are strongly misled and dissuaded from availing the hospital facilities and rather compelled to purchase costly medicines from market and get medical tests and even operations done from private medical houses.
  6. There also exist a notorious employee union which puts undue pressure and resents any reformative step by the administration. Ponder over the situation and suggest effective ways to tackle each of the above mentioned problem.

Sample Question Paper Source : UPSC

Download Sample Question Paper – PDF Format 

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