Sample Letter To DHS To Change University Name In SEVIS Form.

Under The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) you have to pay SEVIS fees online. You need to fill in a form I – 901 with information from your Form I-20.

In case you plan to change the university mentioned in the SEVIS form, here’s a sample letter that you could use to inform SEVIS.The Mail should be sent to:

Sub: KIND Request to update the SEVIS details because of the change in the University.
Respected Sir / Madam,
First Name :
Last Name :
Date of birth :
Receipt No :
SEVIS FEE paid on:
I am an international graduate applicant have paid the SEVIS fee of $200 to the _________ university with the SEVIS No: _____________________, but at present I have decided to change the University, so I kindly request you to change the SEVIS to the new university, all the details are mentioned below,
OLD University Details:
Name of the Old University:
Old University SEVIS No :
Old University School Code:
New University Details:
Name of the New University:
New University SEVIS No :
New University School Code:

So hoping that you will kindly update the SEVIS details and will give me a prompt reply once the details are being updated.
Waiting for your reply,
Thanking you.

More Information about SEVIS, can be found here

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