Fall 2008 : Visa Experiences

Interview 1 :

me – good mornng sir, how ru
vo fine what abt u
me – i am also fine
vo – pink slip
i handed over it to him
vo – why do u want to go to us
me – to pursue my mph course from XXX
vo- what degree do u have
me- mbbs
vo -when u completed it
me – i completed my course in jan 2007 and one yr of compulsory internship in feb 2008
vo – how many univ. have u applied
me – five
vo – how many admits
me – three
vo – which r they
me – told him……
then he saw my i 20
vo – how much scholarship do u have
me – its almost 50% of my tuition fees
vo- ur visa has been issued
me – thank u sir


Interview 2 :

Me:Good Morning mam
me:how was the day
vo:not so good
vo:can i have ur individual mark sheets.
me:ya here mam
vo:give me explanation for ur backlogs (6 backlogs)
me:concentrated more on practical work than theory as a proof show them.
vo:whats ur father?
me:rlwy contractor.
vo:annual income
me:10-11 lakhs
why this University?
me : XXX

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