F1 Student Visa Experience In Hyderabad

This was an USA F1 Student Visa Experience at the Hyderabad US Consulate.

me: good morning madam..
VO: good morning sir..give ur application and passport…
me:gave…she was busy typing in computer…
VO:why Usa? [FAQ]
Me: told..Us is recongnised for global education..some other points….
VO:which course?
Me:told(cs)…  [ FAQ]
VO: why this course?
me:told [ FAQ ]
VO: can i see ur individual memos…
after seeing she returned my memos….
VO:who is sponsoring u?
me:told…earning of parents and alll….
VO:have u applied only this course and any other?
me: only this course(computer science)
VO:can u tell me specialization..that is subjects..
me:Subjects names of [your] interest and say they have good job opportunities in India. [Do your homework before you make your answer]
VO:ok sir i’m issuing a visa..u will get by post in in week…
Me: thank u very much madam.

Do check out the F1 Visa FAQ’s here

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