Computer Awareness Quiz – 1

Q11.The ____________ is the box that houses the most important parts of a computer system.

  1. Software
  2. Hardware
  3. System Unit
  4. Input Device

Q12.Data that is copied from an application is stored in the ___________________ ?

  1. Cache
  2. Clipboard
  3. Terminal
  4. Driver

Q14.What is the permanent memory built into your computer called ?

  1. RAM
  2. Virtual Memory
  3. ROM
  4. Cache

Q15.Another word for application is ?

  1. Input
  2. Output
  3. Program
  4. Sofware

Q17.A register in CPU that is used to store the address of the next instruction to be executed is _____________

  1. Program Runner
  2. Task Register
  3. Program Counter
  4. Task Counter

Q18.An electronic circuit with about 10,000 transistors fabricated in a single silicon chip is ________

  1. Integrated Circuit
  2. Microchip
  3. VLSI
  4. LSI

Q19.Which of the following is NOT a set of instructions

  1. Data File
  2. Program
  3. Flow Chart
  4. Software

Q20.What does ‘S’ stand for in ISP ?

  1. Standard
  2. Server
  3. Service
  4. Source

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